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Rob G.F

Roberto Gallippi-Ferreira, better known as Rob GF, was born and raised in Toronto’s inner city and has been a rap enthusiast since the age of 11 and had recorded and released his debut mix-tape, Higher Than Usual, by the time he was 17. Now 20, Rob has released four mix tapes (HTU, Get Lost, New Colour Mixtape and HTU2) and numerous music videos as he prepares for the launch of his first full-length album #Kites.

Although Rob was born and bred in downtown Toronto, his Italian and Portuguese background makes him something of an anomaly in the hip-hop world while at the same time engendering the multicultural make-up of urban Toronto which accounts for the eclectic and vibrant hip-hop scene in that city. Due to the duality of his existence within hip-hop Rob He insists on not comparing himself to other artists while still admiring the skills of other artists; he doesn’t want to be known as a Caucasian rapper but as a great rapper. This drives Rob to help bring back what made him fall in love with music and give back what he’s learned from the greats in the business.